This Week’s Pages

FRIDAY!! Yay! I love Friday. It means the weekend is here and I can truly relax and not have to worry about work. I can focus on more important things like my planner 🙂 I decided that Friday will be the day I post pictures of my planner weeks so here it is…


One of my favorite things about this week is that I finally started working on making my own stamps. The cloud in Thursday’s box is my first stamp! I cannot wait to come up with more ideas and get better at carving the material so that I can have some truly unique stamps. I am also loving the “Pony Brown” stickers. They are so cute and make me laugh every time I open up my planner. These stickers came from Hong Kong, so they took awhile to get to me, but they are so worth it. I got 6 sheets in each pack.

Sooo cute!


Another thing to share today is the quick and dirty of some of my supplies. My planner is a Martha Stewart binder with her sticky notes and her zipper pouch. I also got some goodies from Target like the bands to keep my planner tight and closed as well as little magnet clips so I can flip right to the current week’s pages. My pen case I got from Staples. It is by Laura Ashley. I like it but I am going to be switching over to a new organizer which I will show soon. And of course washi tape! I do not have a huge collection and I do not feel the need for one but I LOVE looking at other people’s collections. They are so cool!


Maybe eventually I will get a video up and show each detail of my planner but for right now I will show a few pages just so you can get an idea of what I am working with. Right up front I have my “Year In Review” page which includes my goals for the year, big projects I want to work on (these will be sorted out in my project planner) and my family to-do list (things my family needs to sort out or think about, sort of like projects for the family).


On the back of that page I have my color codes system so I do not forget what colors mean what. In my contacts section I have a list of everyone’s birthdays. I make my own cards so I always like to send out a homemade card.


There is a lot more in my planner as you can see by all the tabs and if you would like to know more information I will gladly answer any questions. I also will be planning on shooting a video but that might take a while. I am new to this blogging stuff.


11 thoughts on “This Week’s Pages

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  2. They no longer have that kind of binder. Is there another you can recommend? I’m looking for letter size.

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