Better Late Than Never

Ooopsie, I completely forgot to post like all of September’s pages. Here is my past week in my Martha Stewart binder. I made a semi-clear divider (out of vellum and then laminated). I have started color coded my tasks with washi tape from instead of my Stampin’ Up markers. I like the look but it takes a lot of work cutting the washi instead of directly writing on the page. However, with the use of the washi tape I may not need to use the Martha Stewart tear drop stickies anymore which is good because I am afraid they may be discontinued like her other product.


I have also started using a personal Finsbury Filofax for work. I just started a new job and need to keep track of all the separate tasks that need to get done. It is a little difficult using two separate planners. I can see myself easily forgetting an important event/task because I didn’t look in the other planner…hmm. we shall see if I keep both systems.


And one last thing. I made some chronodex sheets for my personal work filo. I have to do more research to see how people actually use them. I don’t usually have tasks that need to be completed at a certain time, but with my new job it may be useful once I start getting more meeting appointments. I have these up in my shop. Let me know if you would like one in a different color. 🙂



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