Work Planner

Happy Thursday everyone! Wow! This year is flying by for me. I just started a new job and want to be organized right off the bat. I have had my fair share of planners ranging from wire-bound, Filofax, and Martha Stewart. I kept thinking over and over which type I would like to use for my work planner. I almost was set on purchasing a Filofax but I just could not find the right one for me. I wanted at least an A5 size in a professional color, preferably grey. I could not find one ANYWHERE! The few A5 Filofaxes that I did find were way too expensive. Then I thought, well why don’t I just stick with my inexpensive Martha Stewart binder? Too big and bulky! However, while checking out the binders I came across her discbound system.


They looked nice and I could use the inserts from the Staples Arc system in the Martha Stewart version! The only issue I had with it was that I felt like I could not customize it as well as the binder. I am a sucker for making my own inserts if you have not figured it out by now (this must be your first reading of my blog 😛 ) Introducing the Staples Arc punch! It was pricey ($49) but it is well worth it.


I made an entire year’s worth of weekly inserts for my planner which needed to be punched. Here they are!


They are not as decorative as my other planner inserts because I am only using this planner for work but I did add a bit of light blue and cool font to give it a little bit more flair. I am a woman afterall 🙂 I have also created a frequently used websites/password page and a goals page.



I decided to purchase the Martha Stewart brand over the Staples brand simply because I liked her black cover better than Staples. I did not get the leather one. I figured I would be carrying this around a lot and did not want the leather to tear or crease. I also really liked the silver rings compared to the black rings of Staples. It makes it look classier in my opinion. If you want to expand the planner you can buy expansion discs. I would suggest NOT buying the Martha Stewart expansion discs. I have seen way too many bad reviews about them. I do not know if I will need to expand my planner yet, but I do plan on buying my expansion discs from Levenger. I want to keep the silver discs and Staples does not sell them, yet.


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