Fitness Planner

It is beyond time to get into shape and be fit and healthy! I usually tracked my workouts in my everyday A5 filofax planner but I was not really recorded my progress or what exactly I was doing. I also was not paying too much attention to what I was eating or drinking. I decided to make a planner just for fitness and health to get in tip top shape! It is still a work in progress.

I purchased the Filofax Calipso Compact in Burnt Orange. I figured the color would scream at me to use it and it would keep me in a good mood 🙂


Here is my dashboard, just a little reminder for a healthy and happy life.


I created a monthly spread to record the exact workouts I do each day. I separated each box into 3 sections: Cardio, Strength and Pilates. I currently do pilates through Blogilates (she is amazing! Check her out!) Each month has a little motivation/quote too.


Lastly, I’ve created some weekly inserts to record my food and water intake. The inserts have a spot to record how I am feeling that week, my goals for the week as well as food I need to purchase.


I am really hoping this helps me with my fitness goals and I am sure I will continue to add to the planner. I am definitely planning on putting some motivational pictures and quotes throughout 🙂


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