First Week of Fitness Planner

Hey ya’ll! Ok, this past week was the first week that I started using my new fitness planner. You can see some of the details here! I have not been able to exercise as much as I would like b/c of surgery but I have been doing basic pushups and cardio, and then slowly moving into more advanced stuff.

I want to show you my food journal inserts. I love them! They have been working out really well for me. I do find myself eating better (not perfect, but better ;-)).


Once I start getting back into my more advanced workout routine I may have to start using similar inserts to track my workouts. Right now I am using just a monthly glance (as seen in the previous post) but it does not have much room to write.

I have also added some more inserts from the internet, of course! I created a “clean eating” section and posted some things I found from Pinterest as well as Blogilates (amazing woman, check her out!)


I will keep updating everyone on any new inserts and how my fitness planning is going!


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