Free Sticker Printable!

Hey ya’ll! I want to discuss today some of my favorite things to put into my planner, stickers! I’ve seen a lot of people making their own stickers using the Silhouette machines and I absolutely love this idea! Sadly, those machines are a pretty penny (Christmas idea!). I’ve decided to just buy some simple sticker paper and make my own basic stickers. Nothing too hard to cut out by hand. I came up with these designs and I want to share them with you, for free! All you need is printable sticker paper (I bought mine from Amazon), a printer and scissors 🙂

Filofax Stickers-002 Filofax Stickers-003

Filofax Stickers

You may notice that the second sheet actually matches some of my favorite printables in my shop! Coordination out the wazoo!

These freebies are for personal use only!

16 thoughts on “Free Sticker Printable!

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