How I Set Up My Fauxdori

Hey Everyone! I wanted to share how I set up my fake Midori, aka Fauxdori, today. I do not have a YouTube account but wanted to be able to show you all how my planning system is set up now. I carry this around with me and leave my A5 Kikki K binder at home. I’ll do a post on that later.


The first thing in my dori is a pocket I made to keep stickers that I like to use. I just taped two pockets together with washi tape.


Next, I have my menu planning notebook. These you can find in my shop as a printable or just contact me if you want to order a printed notebook. All of my printables are available to be purchased as printed. I LOVE this setup because I can easily take this to the store with me so that I remember what I need to pick up. I also have the grid section to the right to record non-grocery, or specialty items I need to buy while I am out.


Next is my weekly setup. I just printed these out and will be using them starting next week. These can be found here. I left each section blank so that I can label them however I want for each week. One week I may need the extra room to write To-Dos or Appointments.


Next I have my monthly setup. This is for 2015 and can be found here. I write down big events into the monthly blocks. On the right, I record my goals and any notes for each month.


Next, I have my Finance notebook. These can be found here. The first page lists all of my monthly bills, the amount due, the date due and a check box to mark them off when they are paid. The remaining pages are like a checkbook register to record all of my purchases.


The last notebook I have is just a notebook. A place to record ideas and more space for “brain dump”. I covered this notebook with a flyleaf (plastic) so that I can put sticky notes on it. This is critical for me, especially right before bed. I feel like when I am trying to sleep all these ideas pop into my head so I really like having a blank spot to put all of the craziness.20141030_11505320141030_11510820141030_115116

Well, that’s it. Thanks for checking it out. I absolutely LOVE this system. I think it is just as versatile as any ring planner. I can insert or take out what I want just like I did in my Filofax.

The fauxdori was made by Happie Scrappie. You can find her here. She is VERY busy so these doris may not be available all of the time, but keep checking in.



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