Printing Insert Files

Hey! So since I offer printables I wanted to go through how to print them. I know of 2 different ways so if your printer is not capable of printing double sided (duplex) the second way will work for you. The first way to print double sided PDFs is to change some settings on your […]

Free Planner Labels

It is almost the weekend! Yay! Today I am listing free labels to use in your planner. These are sized to fit (mostly) onto my Original Week on Two Pages. Since I offer this insert in different sizes the boxes are different sizes, that’s why I said they fit “mostly”. You may have to trim […]

Working Out and Planning

A few months ago I did a post on keeping a fitness planner. I still record my workouts each day but I have been very slack on writing down the foods I eat. I would LOVE to get this set by Sweet Stamp Shop to help me keep on top of my fitness goals. It […]