Working Out and Planning

A few months ago I did a post on keeping a fitness planner. I still record my workouts each day but I have been very slack on writing down the foods I eat. I would LOVE to get this set by Sweet Stamp Shop to help me keep on top of my fitness goals.


It always seems easier for me when things are cute! Which brings me to my next wishlist item, weight marker stickers! How cute! These can be found in ObsessedWithCute’s Etsy shop. She has a ton of other really cute stickers too.


Since, I had to sell my Filofax, I do not have a separate planner just for fitness. I have had to combine my fitness planning in with my everyday planning, which works for me. I really do like the minimalist feel of only having one planner to look through. Right now I write down my workouts at the bottom of my weekly page. But, I think I will start using these new inserts for my #happiedori so that I can start tracking what I eat.

Etsy Listing Photos-022

Even if you are not counting calories, just being able to see what you eat can help you make better food decisions later in the day. I know I don’t like having a number tally of all the cookies I eat! Lol! Also, these will let me keep track of my water intake. I know for a fact there are many days that I do not drink enough water.


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