Printing Insert Files

Hey! So since I offer printables I wanted to go through how to print them. I know of 2 different ways so if your printer is not capable of printing double sided (duplex) the second way will work for you.

The first way to print double sided PDFs is to change some settings on your print screen. All you have to do is select the “Print on both sides of paper” button and also make sure the “Flip on short side” is selected as well (Use the “Flip on Long Side” when printing A5 inserts on Letter Paper). Below is the screen shot of the print settings. That is it!

Printing Midori

The second way to print is to select “More Options” on your print screen and then select “Odd pages”.

 More Options Odd pages

You will print all of the odd pages only. After they are done printing, insert the sheets back into your printer and select “Even Pages” and make sure “Reverse Pages” is also selected.

Even Pages

This is the best way I know how to print double sided if your printer does not have a double sided print feature. After your pages are printed, you just need cut them to size (fold in half before you cut for Midori/Cahier files. I suggest using a steel ruler and rotary cutter).

I really hope these instructions help anyone who may have trouble.



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