What Is New At HomemadeKraft

Hi all! I am getting ready to re-open my Etsy shop and wanted to let you know all the new features! The first Major change is that all listings have been formatted for easy printing on Letter size paper. Almost all of the listings also come formatted to print on A4 size paper. I hope that this will make printing easier for all customers no matter your location.

I have also added some new items! Some of my favorite new “items” are the Printed Upgrade Features. The first is Perforated Pages! You can now get your menu planner with a perforated grocery list. Easily tear off your list to take shopping with you if you do not want to bring along your entire planner. Just simply add this listing your cart along with a Printed Menu Planner. This feature is available in ANY size 🙂


The next feature is Rounded Corners. I LOVE the look of rounded corners and all of my inserts are rounded. Again, simply add this listing to your cart with any printed insert.


Some of the other new items in the shop include a Notes package, Contacts list, and Password Tracker.

Etsy Listing Photos-059 Etsy Listing Photos-062 Etsy Listing Photos-066

I hope my store is much better and printables are easier to print for everyone.

Thanks and Happy New Year!


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