Freebie Friday 5/29/15

Hello, all you wonderful people! As the summer approaches, I get more and more excited for the 2016 releases in my Etsy shop. I’m hoping to have some new undated releases too! Until then, we’ll keep up with the Freebie Fridays. I honestly cannot believe I’ve made it 4 weeks with this lol. Today’s freebie is another Week on Two Pages (WO2P). Unlike last week’s, this week is undated and can be used FOR-EV-ER (you’re killing me smalls). It is a simple layout of the week on the left side with light gray grid paper on the right side to record notes, to-do’s, scripture, quotes…really anything you want! ALSO, this freebie includes two different fonts as well as both Sunday or Monday start option! The first font is my 2016 font and the second is a more structured font, good for the men or anyone who wants a more simple/clean font. As always, if you have any questions or want this in a size that is not listed below, send me an email at

Etsy Listing Photos-002

 A5 Binder (5.75×8.25)

Personal (3.75×6.75)

Midori (4.33×8.25)

Large Cahier (5×8.25)

Field Notes (3.5×5.5)

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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