New Shop Policies

Ok, I know, I know! I really need to get better at posting here more frequently. I’m pretty much starting over now because I have great news! I will be working with my Etsy shop full time now! I have this amazing opportunity, something I would have never thought possibly when I opened my shop two years ago! I still can’t believe the support and love I have received. I wanted this post to be about my new policies for the shop as well as touch on some old policies.

New Policy # 1: Shop Hours

Since I will be working full time with my Etsy shop, I will be available to answer messages and work on orders from 8AM-6PM EST (GMT-4) on Monday-Friday. I will no longer be working on Etsy on Saturday or Sunday (I need a break). Please do not think I am being rude, but I am setting a set schedule for myself so that I don’t burn out or get overwhelmed.

Newish Policy #2: Custom Orders

I have accepting custom orders infrequently while working full time before. I will be accepting custom orders full time from now on. The starting price for a custom order/change to downloads or printed items will be $1 extra. This is just the starting price. I will always discuss pricing with you right away from now on.

Old Policy: Refunds

When it comes to digital downloads, like every other store, we can’t give refunds. I will always work with you if you need printing help but buyer’s need to be aware of what they are buying. All items can be sorted by size on the left side of the shop. I’ve attached a screen shot of this as well:

Size filter

Also, I highly recommend anyone who is interested in purchasing my files to print, do a test print with any of the free files I offer on this blog. One of which can be found here.  Just search for freebie.

One of the biggest problems I see in incorrect printing is not having your print settings set to “Actual Size”. Printing instructions can be found here and I am more than willing to try to help anyone get it right, even the freebies. Just shoot me a message on Etsy. Another common issue is the “household printer”. Many home printers and even small business printers will print items crooked and will not line up perfectly. In fact many printers have a margin of error of about .25 inches! This is not a problem with my files…its a common printer problem…don’t believe me, Google it. I’m really not trying to blame anyone here, but it sucks when you get yelled at on the internet because “your files are awful”. I’m trying to be honest and tell everyone that printers are not perfect. Again, just test a freebie to see if you are ok with how your printer prints my files. All of my downloads can be printed by me and shipped to your house if you don’t want to deal with all of this.

Hopefully, I didn’t upset anyone or come off as a snob. I really want to get these policies out there since changes can always be frustrating.



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