We Are Back!

Hey all! We are back from our vacation (it was wonderful!). We have new financial inserts that you can find here. They include monthly bill checklists, debt tracker, monthly budgets and expense sheets, as well as no spend monthly trackers.

Finance Insert PicsBudegt

We also have some new FAQs. Recently the USPS updated shipping charges for 2016. For the most part our shipping prices have stayed the same for domestic shipping. International shipping has increased, A LOT. It really stinks and I wish I didn’t have to charge so much for shipping but since we ship everything in rigid mailers they are classified as packages. It would be cheaper if we went to the post office but then I would have to charge for time going to the post (they are the worst, slowest office in the country). If for any reason shipping is not what is expected (We calculated prices from Etsy) we will refund shipping overages. Included in your shipping is the cost of packaging.

Another thing we have decided on is our Custom insert prices. Since custom inserts take so much of our time, we are going to be charging a premium. All dated inserts will start at $30. All printed undated inserts will start at $10. All custom digital designs will start at $7. All custom changes to current inserts will still start at $1 (no matter what the change).

We have also thought about getting rid of Field Notes and Pocket size inserts. These sizes are not very popular and it has not been worth the time and effort to create these inserts. These sizes of course will be available as a custom inserts but will no longer be a part of our “normal” sizes. If interest changes we will change 🙂

Lastly, we keep going back and forth about how to setup our shop. We have thought about getting rid of digital downloads and only selling printed inserts to make the shop more streamlined and easier to navigate. Another option is to open another Etsy shop so one shop will be only printed items and the other shop will be only digital items. Let us know what you think and what you prefer!

Thank you so much for your patience!



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