Holiday Weekend Freebie

4th of July is this weekend and what a perfect time for a freebie! I made these simple note pages to use in my new Pocket planner and I thought that I should share. The design was used in a set of custom dailies for @the.frock.doc (follow her on Instagram!) and is based off of one of the new Target One Spot paper pads.


You can print these on Letter or A4 size paper and cut along the border. Or if you want to do Midori style, print double sided-fold in half and cut along the edge.

A5 (5.75×8.25)

Personal (3.75×6.75)

A6 (4.13×5.83)

Pocket (3.2×4.7)

Midori Standard (4.33×8.25)

Cahier/Wide Midori (5.5×8.25)

Hope you like them and I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend whether you celebrate this holiday or not – looking at you, non-US friends 🙂


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