New Planning Stickers

Today marks our 3rd Anniversary of this planning blog creation! I would have never guessed that paper planners would become so popular! Anyway, we are in the middle of creating our 2017 inserts and I had to take a break from all the monotony of typing dates to be a little more creative. We created […]

Free Contact Insert

Hey! Hope everyone is having a great week! I’ve had this insert in my files for awhile but kept changing my mind on whether to use icons or words (name, address, etc). I’ve settled on icons. I figure everyone can make a contact sheet using words but not icons and at HomemadeKraft, we like to […]

Daily Tracking

I think this is one sheet that everyone can use in their planner. A daily tracker! This morning I saw someone asking about a daily tracking printable and decided I would just make one to share with everyone. I use this same layout in my planner and I think it is simple and clean. Please […]