2017 Digital Inserts

Yay! We have gone and started listing our 2017 inserts as digital downloads. Now you can print our creative planner inserts from your own home for a cheaper price! All 2017 digital inserts will have this mint polka dot background and you can sort for the size you want using the options on the side of our shop.


I wanted to also review our printing tips and show you what your print settings should look like (using a printer with the duplex printing feature). These tips work for any of our paid or free inserts. This is how you want your settings to look when printing A5 inserts. The main point is to “Flip on the long side”.


For all other inserts, your settings will look like this. The main point being that you want to “Flip on the short side”.

Pers Print-02.png

If your printer does not print double sided, you will need to print odd pages first, put those pages back into your printer and then print even pages in REVERSE order.

reverse print-02.png

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. The easiest way to contact me is through Etsy.


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