Travel Freebie

The first freebie of 2017! The other day, I asked my followers on Instagram what type of non-dated inserts they would like to see as freebies. We got a lot of great ideas and we will be slowly rolling them out (it takes awhile to make these freebies in all the different sizes). For our first freebie of 2017 we decided to go with a travel insert. These are actually part of the inserts I used to plan our honeymoon 🙂 The PDF comes with flight information, things to do before you leave list, itinerary page, and packing list.

Enjoy and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @homemadekraft and Facebook!20170207_103416


A5 (5.75×8.25)

A6 (4.1×5.8)

Personal (3.75×6.75)

Pocket (3.25×4.75)


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