Year In Pixels

Today’s freebie is a Year in Pixels. When someone suggested this as a freebie, I honestly had no clue what they were talking about lol. Thank goodness for Google. I used our Year in Review inserts and tweaked it a bit to create this Year In Pixels insert. You can use this to track anything but most people seem to use it to track their mood each day. It’s a quick way to see how you have been feeling throughout the year. Cute!



A5 (5.8×8.25)

A6 (4.1×5.8)

Personal (3.75×6.75)

Pocket (3.25×4.75)

The downloads come with a sheet for 2017 and 2018. You can either print them on the back of each other or print it with a grid back.Remember to tag us on Instagram @homemadekraft if you use our freebies. We’d love to see what you use them for.


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