Year In Pixels

Today’s freebie is a Year in Pixels. When someone suggested this as a freebie, I honestly had no clue what they were talking about lol. Thank goodness for Google. I used our Year in Review inserts and tweaked it a bit to create this Year In Pixels insert. You can use this to track anything […]

Travel Freebie

The first freebie of 2017! The other day, I asked my followers on Instagram what type of non-dated inserts they would like to see as freebies. We got a lot of great ideas and we will be slowly rolling them out (it takes awhile to make these freebies in all the different sizes). For our […]

2017 Digital Inserts

Yay! We have gone and started listing our 2017 inserts as digital downloads. Now you can print our creative planner inserts from your own home for a cheaper price! All 2017 digital inserts will have this mint polka dot background and you can sort for the size you want using the options on the side […]

To Do List Freebie

Hey all! Ugh, we are finally back open for print orders and custom orders. Being off on maternity leave was wonderful and stressful at the same time. Since we are accepting custom orders again, one of my wonderful customers came up with this super cute task list and has graciously allowed me to give a […]

New Planning Stickers

Today marks our 3rd Anniversary of this planning blog creation! I would have never guessed that paper planners would become so popular! Anyway, we are in the middle of creating our 2017 inserts and I had to take a break from all the monotony of typing dates to be a little more creative. We created […]

Free Contact Insert

Hey! Hope everyone is having a great week! I’ve had this insert in my files for awhile but kept changing my mind on whether to use icons or words (name, address, etc). I’ve settled on icons. I figure everyone can make a contact sheet using words but not icons and at HomemadeKraft, we like to […]

Daily Tracking

I think this is one sheet that everyone can use in their planner. A daily tracker! This morning I saw someone asking about a daily tracking printable and decided I would just make one to share with everyone. I use this same layout in my planner and I think it is simple and clean. Please […]

Holiday Weekend Freebie

4th of July is this weekend and what a perfect time for a freebie! I made these simple note pages to use in my new Pocket planner and I thought that I should share. The design was used in a set of custom dailies for @the.frock.doc (follow her on Instagram!) and is based off of […]

July 2016 Freebie

I wanted to share some free printable inserts that I have been using. These are monthly overview sheets that I tweaked to offer as freebies! I do not typically use a month on two page (MO2P) spread because there is never enough room to write what I feel like I need to know for the […]

We Are Back!

Hey all! We are back from our vacation (it was wonderful!). We have new financial inserts that you can find here. They include monthly bill checklists, debt tracker, monthly budgets and expense sheets, as well as no spend monthly trackers. We also have some new FAQs. Recently the USPS updated shipping charges for 2016. For […]