Year In Pixels

Today’s freebie is a Year in Pixels. When someone suggested this as a freebie, I honestly had no clue what they were talking about lol. Thank goodness for Google. I used our Year in Review inserts and tweaked it a bit to create this Year In Pixels insert. You can use this to track anything […]

Travel Freebie

The first freebie of 2017! The other day, I asked my followers on Instagram what type of non-dated inserts they would like to see as freebies. We got a lot of great ideas and we will be slowly rolling them out (it takes awhile to make these freebies in all the different sizes). For our […]

Free Contact Insert

Hey! Hope everyone is having a great week! I’ve had this insert in my files for awhile but kept changing my mind on whether to use icons or words (name, address, etc). I’ve settled on icons. I figure everyone can make a contact sheet using words but not icons and at HomemadeKraft, we like to […]

Daily Tracking

I think this is one sheet that everyone can use in their planner. A daily tracker! This morning I saw someone asking about a daily tracking printable and decided I would just make one to share with everyone. I use this same layout in my planner and I think it is simple and clean. Please […]

July 2016 Freebie

I wanted to share some free printable inserts that I have been using. These are monthly overview sheets that I tweaked to offer as freebies! I do not typically use a month on two page (MO2P) spread because there is never enough room to write what I feel like I need to know for the […]

2016 Yearly Freebie!

I am sooo ready for 2016 to start! 2015 was pretty difficult for me until the last few months and life is good! I want to keep up the momentum! I have so much planned for HomemadeKraft in 2016 and cannot wait to share it with you all (also, we’re going on our honeymoon, woo!). […]

A6 Freebie

I recently received my very first A6 sized planner from Gillio and I think I have found planner peace! Here is my decked out A6 Epoca Grey planner for the holidays! OMG! I really think this is the perfect size for on the go planning as well as planning at home. It is basically a […]

Freebie Friday 6/19/15

It’s Friday, it’s Friday! That means, freebies! This freebie can really be used any way that you want. Each file includes a menu sheet plus three different grid sheets that include gorgeous flowers from GrafikBoutique. Here is a picture of how I used them as a planner for the past few days. The stamps are […]

Freebie Friday 6/5/15

Hooray! It is Friday again! I’m posting later than normal, my work week was extremely busy and stressful this week but I got through it! Today’s freebie is a delightful Day on One Page (DO1P) insert. These are meant to be used for the month of June. I specifically left areas blank so you can […]